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Azzouggagh & Balatidis Legal Services

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About Azzouggagh & Balatidis Legal Services

At Azzouggagh & Balatidis Legal Services, our mission is simple: We are driven by the success of our clients. We offer strong traffic ticket defense and we can also defend you in civil and criminal matters. We have over 30 years of combined Law Enforcement experience and access to some of the most experienced trial and civil practitioners, in the province of Ontario. The difference between our firm and our competitors is simple, we actually defend you.

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  • Andrea Gomez
    After reading all of the good Google reviews, I gave Sam Azzouggagh of a call. What I have learned is - Sam and his business must have gotten these great reviews for his help with traffic services, because he is clearly out of his league when doing his other business of helping in civil suits.
    Here is my experience with this unconscientious swindler: I gave Sam (real name Issam) a $500 retainer to represent me in a case in September of 2016. He had stated over the phone that he would file the court documents to get the case started. I was happy to retain him to do that for me. I called him several times over the months to see how the case was going, but he was difficult to get on the phone, and he answered only a couple of emails. When he did answer he would always reassure me that he was doing all he could.
    Months later, in February 2017, he emailed me and said he had made some calls to the company I wanted to sue, sent a letter or two, had one conversation with them, and now he needs $1000 to go forward with the case. So of course, I asked him to email me what exactly the $500 retainer had gotten me, since he hadn't filed court papers in the 5 months since i hired him. Sam never explained, and got very verbally defensive. Instead he sent me an email explaining what would happen with the $1000 I would have to pay to proceed. So I am left to believe that this desperate thief bilked me of $500, and did nothing but play a waiting game with me, and thought I was stupid enough to continue using his services. He did not do the things he said he would do in the initial conversation (contact the company and file the court papers to sue). I would not recommend hiring Sam Azzouggagh to represent you in court for anything, unless you like being taken for a ride.
    April 14, 2017 at 02:51 AM  | Report This
  • Overall: 14321   Satisfaction: 14321   Quality: 14321