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CollateBox Inc

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About CollateBox Inc

Efficiently collaborate among your team members on multiple files in real time. CollateBox lets user to collect and share their spreadsheets online with a simple copy/paste and allows hiding, locking, merging, and filtering records into different editable data views online.

Company overview:

CollateBox Inc is an independent, privately held company located in San Jose, California founded in 2011. It is a secure online service for sharing, updating and organizing growing spreadsheet records online. CollateBox let users to collect their spreadsheets online and allows them to hide, lock, merge, and filter records into different editable data views online. With the added feature of receiving instant mobile notifications and graphical summaries, CollateBox allows the user to comment and add attachments.

CollateBox is suitable to all business scenarios that involve growing registers or spreadsheet data lists. HR managers, companies, marketing coordinator and many professional can use it to work together with HR executives, for sales leads, automatically assigning prospects to the sales team and can be used to maintain a single list to coordinate email campaign dates with the marketing team.

Contact Details:

1269 Woodlawn Avenue
San Jose, California
95128, USA
Phone No.: 08042075425

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Recent Comments and Reviews

  • christopher miller
    Earlier it was very difficult for me to share any file among my colleagues. There were many security issues. But, then I came to know about CollateBox Inc. It is a completely secure spreadsheet sharing service. Now it has become very easy to collect and share data among my team members. So, to collaborate in real time, I recommend CollateBox Inc.
    May 26, 2015 at 03:23 AM  | Report This
  • Overall: 54321   Satisfaction: 54321   Quality: 54321
  • michelle brown
    With CollateBox, it has become very easy to share spreadsheets online. Earlier, it was very difficult as there were so many issues regarding the security of the data. But now, there is no such problem. I frequently share data with all my colleagues. CollateBox has made my work so easier. Thank you CollateBox!
    June 25, 2015 at 02:37 AM  | Report This
  • Overall: 54321   Satisfaction: 54321   Quality: 54321