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Obesity Can Raise Women’s Cancer Risks Dramatically, Study Concludes

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About Obesity Can Raise Women’s Cancer Risks Dramatically, Study Concludes

Carrying around extra pounds can do more than raise the risks of developing diabetes or heart disease. The results of a new study released in the United Kingdom indicate that women who are obese have a 40 percent higher risk of developing certain types of cancers than women who maintain a healthy body weight.

The study found that overall obese women have a one in four risk of developing on of the weight-related cancers in their lifetimes. Those cancers include kidney, gallbladder, uterine and bowel, among others. The risk for post-menopausal breast cancers also goes up. In the UK, researchers estimated that roughly 274 in every 1,000 obese women will face a diagnosis of cancer at some point in their lives. That is compared to an estimated 194 out of 1,000 women who are considered healthy in weight.

The reason for the link between obesity and a woman’s increased risk for developing certain types of cancer may lay in the fact that fat cells fuel production of certain hormones, such as estrogen, which is believed to help drive cancer cell development. Regardless the reasons for the link, however, researchers say shedding pounds can help remove those risks.

Women who are obese or are at risk of becoming so can take steps to reduce their cancer risks. Altering diet and adding exercise into the routine can help promote weight loss while also assisting with improving overall health. Doctors also recommend other healthy lifestyle changes, if they are in order. These include quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption. Diets should be rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains while limited in fat and sugar. For those who struggle with weight loss, seeking medical advice may be in order.

Losing weight and altering lifestyle habits isn’t a guarantee that cancer will be kept at bay. Even so, researchers find that these measures can limit risks and stack odds more in a woman’s favor.

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