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PROnetworks iPad and iPod Touch Giveaway

Free iPad Giveaway In 2011, we're giving away several goodies, including the following:

  • A current generation 16GB iPad (likely will be an iPad 2)
  • An 8GB current generation iPod Touch
  • Several gift cards to members of the site on a monthly basis!


Winning the monthly giveaways is easy, just follow the steps below.

  1. Register at
  2. That's it... just enjoy your membership and we'll announce new winners monthly!


Winning the iPad or iPod Touch.

  1. Register at
  2. Create a Business listing (it can be any business - every new listing gives you another chance to win!)
  3. That's it... just enjoy your membership, manage your listings, and we'll announce the winners at the end of the contest!

That's nearly $1000 in prizes to be had in 2011, and winning is easy. Just Join - List, and Win big at!

We're giving away a 16GB iPad (Wifi version) and an 8GB new generation iTouch, both original items from the manufacturer - to two different members. We're also giving away 10 monthly giftcards worth $20 each from March - December. Total Retail Value: $928. iPad and iPod Touch winners will be announced December 15th. For all of our terms and conditions regarding our giveaways click here.

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